I've had the opportunity to work with many people over the years. I have honed my ability to listen well and help others understand what they are saying and feeling, even when they are not completely aware of it themselves. I'm willing to help people take a risk and look deeply within themselves to discover their truths, behaviors and feelings, to discover where they may be holding onto negative beliefs about themselves, or old stories that no longer serve them. 

Together we find a vision of the life and purpose you are meant to live. Finding mission and purpose is the rudder that helps us navigate our ever changing world. Waking up, becoming more conscious of our feelings, words, behaviors, to discover your true potential and actions that lead to profound transformative experiences.

Here are some of the topics I've created for both my training curricula and coaching:

 Self Awareness      Relationships      Career Coaching      Emotional Literacy      Mission      Diversity      Leadership


I speak, trust me, ask anyone who knows me. Training, coaching, and leading group work has afforded me the opportunity to see what really lands well on folks. I am passionate about the things I've discovered listening to others and witnessing powerful transformative work. Like coaching, I have developed many wonderful segments that I share in workshops, lectures, and conferences. Here are a few of my favorites:

Accountability & Integrity     The Myths of Judgements     Authentic Impeccable Care     Relationships

I am available for one hour workshops, all day seminars and trainings, or multiple day events!

Please contact me:      

Mobile 801-949-8264