We are all products of the cultures and sub-cultures that we've experienced in our lives. Whether it be the families we were raised in, schools we attended, or churches and clubs we've been involved in, all have had an impact on our belief systems and how we show up in our lives.

The funny thing about beliefs is that they are often fiction and we aren't even aware of it. Most come from stories we are told growing up, or stories we made up to take care of ourselves. The problem with stories is that more often than not they are just that, stories. If I believe a story, well, it becomes my belief. If I believe it long enough it becomes my truth. Over time this can create a conglomeration of negative beliefs or false truths that effect the way I show up in my life and my behaviors. When we take the time to examine our negative beliefs we can often find their origrins and begin the process of unraveling them, and replacing them with new positive ideals.

Cultural example is not only powerful in our personal lives, it is equally powerful institutionally. Look at your workplace, place of worship, governments, financial institutions, and the list goes on.

We are so influenced by these systemic forms of example that we believe that they are the way, the only way, the right way, because "that's the way I was taught", or "its they way we've always done it!"

Don't get me wrong, there are many positive cultural examples that create a safe and caring world. The examples that we want to address are those that create and perpetuate negative beliefs and impacts on ourselves and others.

We take a look at your institutional culture in the workplace as well as individual experiences with your leaders and staff.  When we gather the necessary information, we can then begin to create a new culture of respect and accountability.

My experience is that people want to be allowed to bring their best to any situation. When people are given permission, through invitation, empowerment, and recognition and are given the knowledge and support to grow they become confident, productive, and happy. With clear observation and insight, and a willingness to really do the hard work to make real change, we can create a positive and powerful culture together.