Check it Out

11 Nov

The previous video was produced mid-May, here we are now, 11/11/2020 Veterans Day: The Corona Virus continues to set horrible records here and around the world. We are in the middle of a tumultuous election cycle. There are new and serious conditions developing: Pandemic Fatigue Election Fatigue Election Stress Disorder Separation Fatigue Loneliness, depression and despair  Tremendous loss and grieving Covid-19 Denial 2020 Overload We are being tested as individuals and collectively like never before and it has become increasingly difficult for many. It is so important right now for us as to take good care of ourselves. It is equally important to help those that may not be as capable and honor those that have been giving and giving from the very beginning of this pandemic, offering them our love, help and appreciation! Let’s break it down a bit: I invite you to take a quick inventory and access where you are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Are you putting good fuel in your body? Are you getting some exercise? Are you getting enough sleep? How is your temperament? How are you dealing with any addictions you may have? Are you aware of an elevation of depression, anger, or negative self-talk? How is your connection with spirit? Are you hiding out? As we continue to move deeper into this pandemic what are you doing to help and protect yourself and others? Are you willing to follow CDC, national and local guidelines? If not, what is the resistance? And most importantly are you trying to handle any of this on your own? I know this is a lot to look at and I’m not trying to bring you down here! Actually, my experiences of taking a look at myself and my current state allows me to access my condition, and my needs. This allows me to pause and take a realistic look at the things that I can or can’t do for myself and others. One of the mistakes I often make is listening to the voices inside that tell me I need to do this alone. This is one of my oldest stories and of course, it just isn’t true. Who are you engaging with? My experience reminds me that picking up the phone and speaking with someone, being vulnerable, and telling the truth can bring me connection and relief. Staying connected with family and friends is key whether on the phone or over video. Those times I think of someone and wonder what they’ve been up to, or how they’re doing have become prompts for me to pick up the phone and check in. When someone takes the time to check-in with me it’s a blessing, it is an act of love, and who can’t use more love right now! In this moment, I am reminded of one of the anchoring tenants in my life; The Serenity Prayer God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. (I have no control over the power of this pandemic, the deaths, those that won’t do the right things, when this election will be settled, what it may look like after, or the people that have different views than myself…) The courage to change the things I can. (I can take a hard look at my attitudes, my behaviors, following guidelines, reaching out connecting and caring for others, self-care) And the wisdom to know the difference! (Are my thoughts and actions driven by Fear or Love?) Pick up the phone and call someone! Call me if you’d like. I am a great listener. I have big ears and a soft shoulder! This is what I do. This is what I have been training for! Please take good care of yourself... Blessings!

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