New Year New Hope

30 Dec

As we are quickly approaching the beginning of a new year, I take pause as many of us do, to reflect on this last year and this last decade.

My eyes are filled with tears remembering the losses of many near and dear to me.  Family, friends, those who made a difference in my life and on our planet, those who antagonized, inspired, and those that live in or beyond the fringes of my world.

I look back, I ponder the future. I ask myself the usual questions; What now? What can I do? Can I make a difference? Why me?  Why not me?

I see how many people, lost and living, have truly made a difference in my world and on our planet.

I, we, can make a difference. We must not let ourselves be derailed by what others are doing whom we disagree with. We can however use these experiences as a spark to create change in ourselves, our families, our communities and the world. I need to remember that I’m not in this alone and that together we are stronger.

I must not let my anger turn into rage, my sorrow turn into paralyzing depression, my grief turn into hopelessness, or my mistakes to become shame. I must not let negative beliefs of myself or others move me into a place of isolation and loneliness. I will not be able to contribute if I do.

I do, however, need to remember to ask for help, and to remember how honored I feel when others ask me. I need to be willing to get passed the fear of inconveniencing someone, or that false belief that I am not worthy. I need to recognize that I have an opportunity to honor someone in my life by asking, and in doing so create connection.

The world is a scary place sometimes, and a beautiful place a lot of the time. My hope is that in this next year, this next decade I, we, will make a conscious effort in bringing and delivering the gifts we’ve arrived on this planet with, that we do this consciously and together, with the intention of making  our lives and our world a safer, more sustainable and loving place.

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