18 Oct

No matter how you slice it, there is an amazing amount of tension in our world at the moment.

Emotionally, spiritually, economically, and politically there may be more tension than ever before, certainly in my lifetime.

I don't want to spend my time discussing politics, and of course it is chiefly responsible for much of this tension. What I would like to talk about is the impact and what people can do as a result. 

I have spent the better part of 15 years discovering a lot about accountability, judgements, and relationships. Check it out.


I am responsible for my words, my behaviors, my actions and their impact on others and myself, intended or unintended.


I grew up in a culture that told me over and over that "You really shouldn't judge people" and " Being judgmental is bad or wrong."


I had a great mentor who stepped into my life the day i was born. He was my Dad's best friend. He reminded me endlessly; "Relationships are Everything!" and he was absolutely right. This has proved itself my entire life.

Over the next few weeks I would like to begin unpacking these topics and take a closer look.

In the meantime, what can be done? We can show up in our lives today with compassion. Look around and really see what is happening around the world and care! Connect with that part of you inside or outside that guides you and directs you, and send out loving energy to all of the people on our planet, and be sure to save a measure for yourself. Take a moment each day to recognize another human being you share this planet with and send out a smile or a nod. Connection is one of the key ingredients to survival and healing in these uncertain times! 

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